St John's Catholic Church & Cemetery


Rules & Regulations

St. Anthonys Catholic Cemetery

  1. There will be NOTHING interred, entombed or scattered on these grounds EXCEPT DECEASED HUMAN REMAINS or anatomical portions thereof and only then by order of and under the supervision of the Reverend.

  2. No burial will be made without a MINIMUM outside container for the encasement of a casket or urn. The container must be constructed from concrete or other permanent materials, and be approved by the Reverend of the Cemetery. That said outside container be buried at a depth of a MINIMUM of 18" below the surface of the earth.

  3. There will be NO monument, marker, structure, plant, shrub, or ANY LIVING FOLIAGE placed on any grave space without a written permit signed by the Reverend.

  4. ALL flowers and decorations are to be removed at predetermined times, (Posted at the entrance of the Cemetery) and at any other time the Reverend deems the usefulness to have deteriorated.

  5. No grave will be opened EXCEPT BY CEMETERY PERSONNEL under control and by order of the Reverend.

  6. ALL decorations and flowers will be removed the FIRST week of March each year for the purpose of maintenance.

  7. Monuments erected on the grave spaces will be no smaller than 18" long and 10" wide and MUST be installed, under the direction and according to the regulations set forth by the Parish Council.

  8. No person is permitted on the premises during the hours of DARKNESS.

  9. We recommend that you put the name of the DECEASED on your flowers and decorations with a permanent ink marker. When the wind blows them off, our cemetery personnel will try to replace them to the proper grave.

  10. Please help us keep YOUR cemetery beautiful by NOT placing flowers or decorations on the ground, EXCEPT NEW GRAVES, during mowing season ... MARCH through OCTOBER.

  11. Cemetery personnel will not remove flowers or decorations from MONUMENTS, VASES, or HOLDERS, EXCEPT ANNUALLY the FIRST WEEK of MARCH. Everything will be cleaned at that time.

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