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John Vincent Horrell, Sr

Cemetery Plot: 04-13

File #: 425



10/15/1871 Perry County, MO








1/22/1942 Dutchtown, MO

Cert: 04-13.pdf



1/24/1942 St Anthony's Catholic Church Cemetery






Eye Color:



Hair Color:

Blood Type:


Cause of Death:

Coronary Thrombosis






 John Vincent Horrell, Sr



Henry Horrell




Charles Horrell




John Vincent Horrell Jr




Fred Horrell




Lawrence Horrell




Mrs John Eftink




Mrs Paul Koehler




Mrs Mike Morris





 Anne Katherine Radin








 Mireah DeBrock







Mr. John V. Horrell, 70 year old farmer of near Dutchtown died at his home there last Thursday morning after an illness of two months. Funeral services were held Saturday morning at St. Edward's Catholic Church at Dutchtown and burial was in the cemetery at Glennon, Mo. (St. Anthony)

Mr. Horrell had been a resident of the Dutchtown community for thirty years.

He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Annie Horrell; five sons, Henry of Oran; Charles and John of Overland; Fred of Cape Girardeau; and Lawrence of Detroit, Michigan; three daughters, Mrs. John Eftink of Glennon; Mrs. Paul Koehler of Jackson; Mrs. Mike Morris of Dutchtown; a sister, Mrs. Mireah DeBrock, Leopold and 23 grandchildren.

Mary Taylor Notes: In the obituary published it gave his name as John W. Horrell; but the death certificate spelled out Vincent so that is what I used in this posting. Also, in his son, Henry B. Horrell's obituary, it lists his sister as Mrs. Mike Morle instead of Mrs. Mike Morris. I am not a family member, and do not know which is correct.


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